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We're dedicated to making your remodeling project efficient and low stress. Our team offers the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to manage your project from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process and successful outcome. Trust us to handle the complexities so you can enjoy a hassle-free transformation of your space.

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Home remodeling in Portland…simplified. Here's our process.

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Step 1: Introductory Meeting

To kick off the remodeling process, you'll have a call with our owner, Tim, at Steiner Remodel.

This initial conversation is designed to get to know you and start the dialogue about your envisioned changes in the home and how we can help bring them to life.

We'll explore the reasons prompting your decision to remodel, chat about timelines, discuss financial expectations, and discuss our construction process.

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Step 2: Site Consultation

We will visit your home to engage in a more detailed conversation regarding your vision for the project.

This meeting serves as the moment for you to demonstrate firsthand the aspects of your home's current design that are working and those that aren't.

The insights gathered during this visit will be instrumental in initiating the design process and serve as a means to provide a preliminary cost range.

Tim working with a client

Step 3: Preliminary Estimate Meeting

Join us for a proposal meeting in our conference room or via video call. We'll dive into the preliminary estimate; your questions are strongly encouraged at this stage!

A reasonable fee will start the Project Planning Agreement (PPA) process if you like what you see.

Keep in mind that the PPA does have fees separate from the construction contract, but they're essential for smooth sailing ahead. It covers costs for a detailed contract and often includes design services.

If needed, it may tackle some small initial demolition to minimize surprises and pin down the project price. This structured process is our secret to minimizing surprises typical in remodeling.

Should you decide to employ our services for the construction work, we will credit some fees towards the construction phase.

Tim working with a client

Step 4: Design & planning

First, we conduct a thorough survey, measuring your home and property to create initial plans for the new space and layout.

Then, we meet to discuss your likes and dislikes about the concept. With your input, we refine the design to bring your dreams to life, which is when finishes will be chosen.

Finally, we create a construction contract detailing the fixed price and scope of work.

Tim and Brent remodeling

Step 5: Building Preparation

Now it's your turn to relax and gear up as we take the reins.

We'll collaborate with the city building department and our reliable subcontractors to secure the necessary permits. Meanwhile, we'll meticulously craft a comprehensive plan and schedule, to construct and shape your new space.

Once complete, you will have access to this schedule throughout the entire process.

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Step 6: Construction

Before the remodel, the build team will implement a site plan to safeguard your home. This usually involves isolating the work area and setting up protective barriers.

Brace yourself for the demolition phase - it's loud and consists of clearing out old features. Next is the "rough-in" stage, which lays the foundation, framing, and essential utilities like electrical and plumbing.

After this, you'll have a walk-through with the team and we will get building inspections. Then, the focus shifts to installing finishes, a meticulous process that takes time.

Once everything is complete according to design plans, you'll have a final walk-through to conclude construction. At this point, you get to enjoy your new space! It was a rigorous journey, but we promise you'll love it!

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Our services

Have the home you want without the headache

Don't have a sketch or an idea of where to begin? No problem. Reach out and tell us about your project and we’ll guide you from start to finish.

Working with a designer already? Bring us on as a consultant and we’ll work alongside your team to keep your project on budget, on time, and within city codes.

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Staircase remodelingStaircase remodeling

Design & Planning

Pre-build and consultations. We take the time to understand your goals for remodeling your home and deliver detailed blueprints for your project.


Bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Our experienced team is fast, detail-oriented, and always gets the job done right.


Attics, basements, and garages. Have an old space that needs to be converted into a liveable and usable space? We can do that.

New Construction

Homes, ADU’s, and shops. We have designed and built many home additions and take care to ensure you are overjoyed with the final product.

a company you can trust

We have a 5-star rating on Google, Angi, and Houzz, so you can trust that we will exceed your expectations for your home remodeling project. Let Steiner Remodel do the hard work for you.

For over 14 years, Steiner Remodel has served Portland homeowners, helping them design, renovate and remodel their homes. We specialize in basement conversions, kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations, as well as custom home additions. 

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Let's build extraordinary

We’re proud to serve Portland and the surrounding communities and are grateful to help make your home extraordinary.

Happy homeowners share the love

Here’s what some of our clients have said about our work.

The part of the remodel I was the most surprised by was the gutting of my bathroom. I didn't think any amount of work would make the room any better . . . and for the entirety of my time living in the house, I have strongly disliked it. Tim turned it into the best possible place it could be and I have never been happier to be there.

Phil S

They were very responsive to my call, and fit me into their busy schedule. Arrived on time, taking all the necessary precautions for Covid-19. They made sure they were knowledgeable about fixing my shower door, before arriving. That saved time and money. I would highly recommend them for any projects you may have.

Elaine M

I Hired Steiner Remodel for a rebuild of my existing deck. Tim came out and evaluated the current structure against the plans for re-doing decking, railing, and stairs and also being able to structurally support a hot tub on top of the decking. Jesse and Nick came out and knocked it out of the park! I've hired Steiner Remodel in the past for room addition and they nailed that as well.

Johnny L

We'd met with a number of contractors whose responses ranged from laughing at our project to overpricing us ridiculously or suggesting we bust out the back wall of the house into our garden rather than work with the existing footprint. Steiner Remodel was the only organization that really listened to the project's criteria & understood we needed to make it work in the existing space of the house.

Chemynne P

From design to completion, they were always professional and prompt, communicated easily and clearly, solved those pesky unexpected issues efficiently, and their craftsmanship was exceptional.

Luis M

I really appreciated how communicative and transparent Tim was about things like timelines, materials options, and costs. He took care of all of the complicated permitting and paperwork so that I didn't have to. And the guys on his team were lovely, friendly people to have around! 10/10 would hire again.

Phoebe F

Steiner Remodel helped us transform our dilapidated 1970's kitchen into a modern gem with beautiful finishes and custom workspaces. He's knowledgeable about so many aspects of remodeling and his team is well rounded yet specialized

Tessa D

They paid attention to detail and quality while staying true to the agreed upon price. We continue to get compliments on our basement and recommend them to anyone looking for a remodel.

Brian J

These guys delivered the beautiful, updated, love-living-here house I wanted, plus it now has structural, plumbing and electrical integrity in every corner the team reached, which was most of them. Never left me hanging with a question or concern, and had the gentle foresight to help me make good choices I might otherwise have missed. I'm a fan for life.

Emily D

The crew intelligently approached complex issues along the way, showed obvious pride in their work, had a connection to my neighborhood and community, and exhibited deep respect for my home while working in it. Now I'm trying to think of another project just so we can work together again.

Jared E

Steiner Remodel has done multiple jobs for me and the work has always been excellent. Tim and his crew do amazing work. He's done repair and remodel work on 2 of our houses and my recording studio. These guys are trustworthy and affordable. I don't even bother getting quotes from anyone else anymore.

Kris C.
Portland, Oregon

We couldn't be happier. Steiner did a high end, 60K+, bathroom remodel as well as a number of smaller projects that we wanted to be completed at the new house. All of the work was of the highest quality.

Logan B.
Portland, Oregon

Their knowledge of construction, old houses, in particular, is impeccable. They always tried to find the best option for any given issue and clearly let me know what costs might be incurred. I have complete trust in them for their design and construction as well as their ethics. The completed remodel was beautiful and the work was of excellent quality.

Kris G.
Portland, Oregon

This is truly my dream bathroom. The only complaint I can think of is that now fancy hotels are less exciting - I always loved the fancy bathrooms, but now, nothing compares to mine. I mean, Check out these perfect, thin grout lines.

Tara B.
Portland, Oregon

From the very start of the project to the very end, Tim and his crew were awesome to work with. For the size and expense of this project, we were nervous about trusting a contractor with our house. We knew going into it how invasive it was going to be. Tim was responsive, professional, and accommodating to any changes that we threw at him.

Karen M.
Portland, Oregon
Tim standing next to a car

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